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We must do everything we can to ensure working families in New Jersey and elsewhere in the country can live their American Dream.

But right now, the burden on middle class families in New Jersey is not sustainable, and it puts that dream out of reach for too many. That’s why my number one priority in the Senate will be to lower the cost of living for New Jersey families. New Jersey sends a huge number of tax dollars to DC without getting much in return. I want to fix that.

The first step in clawing back more taxpayer dollars is to eliminate the cap on SALT deductions, which punishes states like New Jersey. Beyond that, we must hold big corporations accountable who are raising prices of everything from groceries to prescription drugs.

And we must ensure that we are making childcare more affordable for families. All of these costs add up for families, and we need a leader in Washington who will do everything possible to put more money back in your pocket.

The overturning of Roe vs. Wade was an attack on all women and our fundamental rights. And it’s absolutely outrageous that my daughter, and all our daughters, will now have fewer rights than I had.

And let’s be clear: the next step for Donald Trump and right-wing Republicans in Congress is a national abortion ban, stripping away our fundamental rights in all 50 states — whether you live in New Jersey or Texas.

We need a Senator who feels this deeply and personally — who have had children themselves, and experienced birth complications.

We need a Senator who knows the wide array of challenges that women in New Jersey face surrounding childbirth, and who understands how often women can die without access to quality reproductive healthcare — especially Black and brown women.

And we need a Senator who will treat this with the toughness and urgency that this threat requires.

In the Senate, I will defend a woman’s right to an abortion, protect access to birth control, and will fight back against extremists who want to ban abortion in all 50 states, even in cases of rape and incest.

We must codify Roe versus Wade into law, and I will work every single day to get the Women’s Health Protection Act passed in the Senate.

I believe that affordable healthcare is a fundamental right.

That’s why I’ve been so passionate about fighting for maternal and infant health – because every mother and every child should receive access to the best medical care possible regardless of their zip code, race or wealth.

I’ve also helped make New Jersey only the second state in the nation to expand pregnancy related Medicaid coverage for a full year after childbirth – guaranteeing postpartum healthcare for nearly 9,000 mothers across the state.

I want us to get to a place where there is no stigma, and no mather whether you are a millionaire or on Medicaid, the care is the same, the access is the same.

In the Senate, I will support:

  • Protecting and strengthening the Affordable Care Act in the face of extreme Republican attacks to dismantle the ACA.
  • Public insurance plans that create more competition with private insurance, and lower costs for all people.
  • Lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

What we are doing right now is not working. Life expectancy is falling in this country, and we need to make changes to stop that.

Climate change is a true crisis and it must be treated as such. Especially here in New Jersey, our failure to address our warming planet means homes and businesses destroyed by storms and loss of life.

Failing to address climate change also means failing our children. The next generation will feel the effects of climate change more than any other and we must provide every student with the opportunity to understand the climate crisis so that they can be prepared. 

That’s why as First Lady, I spearheaded the efforts to incorporate climate change into our K-12 curriculum across all subject areas. 

Because of this work, New Jersey is the first and only state in the nation to require climate change education. This will prepare our children for the green economy and ensure the next generation understands this threat and is ready to fight back.

I am also proud to be Chair of the New Jersey Council on Climate Action & Green Economy, and we have made real progress to lead the nation on climate change and cut greenhouse gas emissions. 

In the Senate, I will be a champion for combating climate change. 

I absolutely would have supported the Inflation Reduction Act, which was the largest investment in energy and climate in American history, and believe we need to continue investing in combating climate change across all realms.

I support the President’s pause on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Exports.

Gun violence is the leading cause of death for our children. It is a public health epidemic, full stop. As a mother of four, that is both shocking and heartbreaking — and the reason I’ve been an outspoken advocate for gun safety since day one.

No part of our society is safe from gun violence — mass shootings happen in our schools, workplaces, and places of worship. And there is a steady drumbeat of gun violence in our cities every single day.

In New Jersey, we have enacted the nation’s strongest gun safety laws, including keeping guns out of dangerous hands, prohibiting carrying firearms in vulnerable places, taking on the gun manufacturers, and protecting victims of domestic violence.

And we know that these laws work. New Jersey has proven that they work.

But still we are not immune to the dangers of gun violence because we all suffer from state’s with weak gun laws and gun trafficking across state lines.

We cannot solve gun violence unless we start treating it like a health epidemic and take federal action that protects our country and our children rather than support gun manufacturers.

In Washington, I will stand up to the gun lobby and their Republican enablers who are putting our kids in danger. I am completely unafraid of the NRA and think more people need to take them on, every single day.

In the Senate, we need an Assault Weapons Ban to get weapons of war off our streets, and we must get guns out of dangerous hands, with stronger background checks and universal red flag laws.

New Jersey is home to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I believe we should always be a country that welcomes immigrants, migrants, and refugees with open arms. Immigrants are more than just their economic values.

That is why, during the pandemic, I leaned in to raise money for rental assistance through the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund, aiding thousands of undocumented families here in New Jersey when members of Congress turned their back on them.

Clearly, our immigration system is fundamentally broken and we need leaders in Washington to stop kicking the can down the road and fix it.

The federal government cannot expect states, counties, and cities to fix this problem. It must be done at the federal level.

This means comprehensive reform that is fair, humane, and reflects our values.

We need a secure border — that’s just common sense. We must provide permanent protection for our DREAMers. We need a pathway to citizenship for those who work, and are productive, taxpaying members of our country.

We need a Senator who will be a relentless fighter for our Democracy.

Over the last six years, I have worked tirelessly to build up our Democratic Party, across all 21 counties in this state. That means working to expand voting access, to rebuild our Democratic party infrastructures and so much more.

And when I saw what happened on January 6th, I was absolutely appalled and devastated. That attack on our Capitol was the symbol of all that has gone wrong with our country, our political system and our democracy.

I think we all agree that the Senate needs a new voice to protect our democracy. New Jersey needs a strong and genuine voice, a Senator who is in the Senate for one reason only: to fight for our children, our families and our country.

Above all, we must have a Senator who is unafraid to stand up to the powerful — especially Donald Trump. Who has nothing in it for herself . Who will simply do what is right.

I believe I am that Senator.