Veteran New Jersey Civil Rights Leader Reva Foster endorses Tammy Murphy for US Senate

WILLINGBORO, NEW JERSEY — Today, veteran New Jersey civil rights leader Reva Foster announced her endorsement of Tammy Murphy for the United States Senate:

“As a black woman and mother and as someone who has been involved in this community for decades addressing issues impacting the African American community, I know how difficult it is to address systemic problems plaguing the black community for centuries.

I am excited to support Tammy Murphy because she chose to take on an issue critical for women, and, in particular, for black women and babies in this state.

Black infant and maternal health is one of the most progressive issues facing our nation and our state. Under her leadership, our state is no longer one of the worst in the nation for a black woman to give birth. Her leadership on this issue has been critical, and women and babies for generations to come can say NJ is safer for all women to give birth. Tammy understood the root systemic causes for why a black woman was three times more likely to die during childbirth and went to work to right an injustice.

Tammy Murphy will take the approach that she brought to addressing this issue to the Senate. That means real, tangible, transformational work. That’s why I’m supporting her.”

Reva Foster has been on the front lines for decades addressing critical issues impacting the African American community. She is currently the Chair of the New Jersey Black Issues Convention.