Tammy Murphy Calls Out Andy Kim For Failing to SupportDischarge Petition for Ukraine Aid

March 15, 2024


Contact: Alex Altman, [email protected]

Tammy Murphy Calls Out Andy Kim For Failing to Support
Discharge Petition for Ukraine Aid

Once Again, Kim and his 41.8% Absentee Rate are Nowhere to Be Found When NJ Needs Him

RED BANK, NJ — Despite the glaring need for additional military aid to sustain the heroic efforts of the Ukrainian army against Russian forces, Rep. Andy Kim has refused to sign on to a House discharge petition seeking to force Republican Speaker Mike Johnson to bring the matter to the floor for a vote. U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Murphy is calling out Kim’s inaction as yet another example of the Congressman failing to deliver for New Jersey, which is home to the fourth largest Ukrainian community in America with over 66,000 residents.

“I saw the unimaginable suffering and the steel resolve of the Ukrainian people up close when I visited the country last year, and it is absolutely gutting to see them forced to stand by while an extreme Republican House Speaker refuses to move forward legislation to provide them with the military aid they need to repel the Russian invaders seeking to take their lands,” said Tammy Murphy. “The people of Ukraine, the more than 60,000 New Jerseyans of Ukrainian descent, and all people who value freedom and democracy demand action now, but instead of joining his Democratic colleagues and signing on to a discharge petition to force a vote on the aid bill, Congressman Kim has done nothing. This comes just days after Congressman Kim skipped a critical vote to defend our national security against misinformation propagated by the Chinese government, and at a time when he has missed a staggering 41.8% of Congressional votes held so far this year. Once again, Andy Kim is failing to stand up for New Jersey, and I can promise that when I’m elected to represent our state in the U.S. Senate, I will fight against an extreme Republican agenda and never miss a chance to defend our freedom and our values.”