Prominent Statewide Group of Faith & Community Leaders Endorse Tammy Murphy for U.S. Senate

“Tammy has built trust, respect, and meaningful connections with our communities and congregations, and we fully endorse Tammy Murphy for U.S. Senate”

RED BANK, NJ – Today, a prominent statewide group of faith and community leaders endorsed Tammy Murphy for U.S. Senate. They released the following joint statement:

“Since becoming First Lady in 2018, Tammy has been steadfast in her commitment to the issues important to the African American community. We recognize that as First Lady, Tammy could have focused her efforts on any issue, and yet, she decided to work on one of the most complex issues in our nation’s history – systemic racism. Tammy recognizes that systemic racism and its cascading effects are rampant in our society – a fact that many leaders tend to ignore – and decided to address the issue.

“Through her work on maternal and infant health, Tammy has been unafraid in her approach to talk about the tough issues that contribute to systemic racism including implicit bias. But more than just talking about these challenges, Tammy partnered with us in the Black community to bring maternal and infant health and inequities in health care to the forefront of the conversation at the highest levels. Tammy committed herself to working with us to find solutions to address these inequities and her dedication has led to real, transformational change for Black women, Black families, and babies in New Jersey.

“Through this work, Tammy has built trust, respect, and meaningful connections with our communities and congregations, and we fully endorse Tammy Murphy for U.S. Senate.”

Dr. Femi Adegbonmire

Dr. George Akins

Linda Baker, CPA

Rev. Diana M. Ortiz Bracy

Rev. Dr. Prescott Butler
Orange & Irvington

Council President Tency A. Eason

Dr. Edna Foster
North Brunswick

Pastor Bobby Fowler

Rev. John D. Givens

Rev. John H. McReynolds

Tamika McReynolds

Pastor Michael Ogunleye

Rev. Dr. Forest Pritchett
South Orange

Rev. Dr. Olivia Stanard

JoAnn White

This is the third group of endorsements Murphy has received from prominent faith and community leaders across New Jersey. Faith and community leaders who have endorsed Murphy include Reva Foster, Rev. Ronald Slaughter, Bishop William T. Cahoon, Dianne Keel Atkins, Dr. Beverly Lynn, Dr. Diane Hill, Pastor Amir Khan, Pastor Eyesha Marable, Pastor John R. Taylor, Rev. Dorothy A. Patterson, Rev. Dr. Colette MB Adams, Rev. Dr. Frances Teabout, Rev. Dr. James Dunkins, Rev. Dr. Pamela Boykin Jones, Rev. Randall Lassiter, Reverend Dr. Kennth L. Saunders, Bishop C. H. Evans, Bishop Dr. R. Fulton Hargrove II, Bishop Tommy Miles, Brenda R. Lee, Dr. Errol T. Stoddart, Evangelist Sylvia Coleman, Jacqueline Limehouse, Jamie Bland, Pastor Bryant Ali, Pastor Melvyn T. Hayden III, Pastor Valencia B. Norman, Rev. Dr. Daniela Small-Bailey, Rev. Dr. Toyin Laoye, and Rev. Thurselle Williams.